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As co-founder of, I've been building websites, ecommerce stores and web applications for businesses all across the globe since 2005.

That's the boring stuff. This is where I show off my fun projects.


A video game project to remake one of my favourite games from my teenage years.

Pinnacle is a modern tribute to the 1986 classic, The Sentinel.

Free to download and play on Windows, Mac and Linux.


What's with the freaky fish?

At first, Viperfish was just a cool name. Every incarnation of the Viperfish website has featured a version of this grotesque fish somewhere in the layout. It is incredibly ugly but it's got personality and in many ways the Viperfish is a metaphor for the solitary life of a successful independent developer.

It is a solitary creature, living in the deep depths of the ocean. When prey gets too close - attracted to it's luminous photophore - it attacks with speed and precision. Even though it is a small fish in a very big ocean it is extremely efficient and makes the most of it's opportunities.

Yeah, that. But, mostly it's just a cool name.

In 2005, I registered Viperfish Media Pty Ltd as an Australian company.