Some of my recent work

Viperfish Media is the trading name for independent full stack Joomla developer, John Pitchers. Here is a sample of some recent projects. Each project featured here is powered by the Joomla CMS.

John Pitchers

First, a little clarification...

A portfolio is great for showing off design or "front-end" work. While I am proficient with Photoshop and enjoy the design process, I am more a developer at heart. What isn't apparent when looking through my work is the "backend" functionality added to most of these sites.

It's important your site looks good. How it functions and what it does for your customer is even more important.

Whether that be integrating an SMS alert system, new payment gateways, unique menu system, modifications to an existing component or a completely new database driven application, this is what I do. Much more than just pretty pictures. 

I also maintain and develop the FocalPoint Mapping Extension for Joomla




After an unsuccessful development attempt through another agency, Musicopolis cautiously approached Viperfish Media to develop their new site. I built a custom component for Musicopolis that allows teachers to purchase a subscription, purchase licenses, register their own students and allocate licenses to them. The site has been a roaring success taking it's first order 15 minutes after launch. 

True 2 Materials

True 2 Materials manufacture microscopically thin materials from a compound called graphene. These materials have a variety of commercial uses in the manufacturing and technology industries. T2M needed a simple site to purvey this to the visitor. I had a lot of fun with JQuery and CSS3 to create the beautiful cascading waterfall of graphene sheets.

FocalPoint Maps for Joomla

FocalPoint is a unique and comprehensive mapping extension for Joomla. Developed and maintained by myself. The extension uses the Google Maps API extensively. It's fre to download and use. There are also several extensions that expand the functionality of FocalPoint. Had a lot of fun with JQuery and CSS3 in the development of the site.


Catherine Saxelby is a well known Australian nutritionist and celebrity. I've been working with Catherine since 2008 to maintain her Joomla site and grow her audience. About to undergo it's 3rd redesign, Catherine's blog receives around 5000 unique visitors a day


The RSPCA WA had an extensive list of requirements for the upgrade of their old Joomla site. In addition, the previous site was outdated and had been hacked. The new site includes Dog Training Booking facilities and a custom Joomla component to process donations via Paypal and Eway. Even recurring subscriptions are handled via a single page form.

On The Punt

OnthePunt is primarily a news and information site with the aim of helping punters gain an edge over bookmakers. This site features a modern blog style layout, multiple contributors, custom modules, banner ad management and custom plugins and modules to handle the display of results and odds.

LIWA Aquatics WA

The Leisure Institute of Western Australia (Aquatics) manages the accreditation of all aquatic industry personnel in Western Australia and provide relevant training and professional development opportunities. This Joomla site includes Event Management, Business Directory, detailed maps and banner ad management.

Women Lawyers of Western Australia

The WLWA represents women in the legal profession in Western Australia. Development of this site included migration of hundreds of user profiles from the old Community Builder system to JomSocial and the integration of paid subscriptions. There's also a public members directory, events, newsletters and more.

ADG Global Supply

ADG is a global company providing industrial products, global procurement and supply chain management to clients in over 50 countries. ADG chose Joomla for the management of their site. The design had to reflect their branding to a corporate audience and highlight the various services and product ranges offered by ADG.

Anna Walker

Anna is an Australian children's book illustrator. This simple looking site deceptively hides some advanced functionality. When an item thumbnail is clicked, the relevant article is loaded via AJAX into the top of the page, it slides open as the user is simultaneously scrolled back to the top without a page refresh. It took a while to code it but it works a treat.

Tweed Health for Everyone Super Clinic

After a very bad experience with another developer, THESC contacted Viperfish to redesign the site and finish the development. The clean modern design with an online booking form integrated has been a great success.

Munda Biddi Trail

The longest off road cycling track in the souther hemisphere. This Joomla site features galleries, event management, online registration, Virtuemart e-commerce, some complex forms, volunteer management system and many custom built modules.

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Now, for a few kind words!

Here is what some of my clients have to say.

  • "Had a look and its fab!"


    Sara Carson-Cashman -

  • "John is thorough and knowledgeable and always got back to us on time with a solution or at times a better alternative... He is a wonderful asset on your team."

    Catherine Saxelby

    Catherine Saxelby - Author and Celebrity -

  • "Wow! I love the connectivity with all the aspects of managing and registering orders to students, love that you can go anywhere you like from hereā€¦ great job. Very impressed!!!!"

    Lyndel Kennedy

    Lyndel Kennedy - Musicopolis

  • "In the world of red tape most of my ICT components are wrapped in it is so appreciated to be able to pick up the phone, identify an issue and after a quick chat to find it is not long before the issue is resolved."

    WA Coat of Arms

    Jason Martinovich - Manager Business Systems - WA Dept Training and Workforce Development

  • "...fantastic support from the developer - something that seems to be pretty uncommon..."


    Scott Lavelle -